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About Us

BERMÁN Luxury was started with one sole purpose in mind: To provide the most premium & well-designed Apple Watch Bands, at the highest quality in the industry.

Every piece you see on our site is made with the utmost care and precision because we believe our customers deserve the best.

We want to ensure that the products we are providing our customers are of the best quality to not only make them look good but feel good.


Power to the People 

Berman Luxury was created with the customer in mind. With options being limited to a $500 watchband from Apple, or a $20 watchband from Amazon that'll break within weeks of wear.

That's where we come in. Berman Luxury was created to provide a solution to those users wanting to have the ability to have a premium Stainless Steel bands to accompany their tech. We provide the most premium & well-designed Apple Watch Bands, at the highest quality in the industry.


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You can submit your experiences to us using photos and videos. As you explore this document, you’ll notice we’ve provided guides on how to create these visuals and will supply additional tools if needed.


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Ambassador Requirements 

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Best Practices

For best possible results post and tag @bermanluxury and hashtag #BermanLuxury. The more posts and promotions you give to your audience, the more potential to earn affiliate commissions. 

We want you to create photos and videos that most reflect you. We want the continent to feel natural and match your overall feed. 

Custom discount codes and custom discount links can be pasted in the Instagram bio in order to maximize results. (See attached example below)


Please use the tips below for creating strong visuals to post:

• Avoid additional background information in the frame. (Please reference examples as provided on the previous page for details.)

 Be sure the Berman Luxury watch band is visible and clearly detectable.

• Avoid blocks of bright or saturated colors because they can be distracting for the viewer.

• Video content is most presentable in natural light, or in a dark setting with the back camera flashlight shining on the product. 

• Film from the waist or chest up.

• If doing selfies, please keep 3/4 of the frame on your face.


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